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Nongfu Spring is selected as the designated water for the expo and convey the po

16 Jan,2021
Source:Nongfu Spring Release date:2019-11-09

From November 5-10, the second China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. This year's Expo continues the theme of "New Era, Sharing the Future". The exhibition area has increased from 300,000 square meters last year to 360,000 square meters, covering seven exhibition areas, such as equipment, food, health, consumption, and services. A total of 155 countries and regions and 26 international organizations participated at the Expo. Sixty-four countries opened national exhibitions in the national pavilion and 3,893 companies participated in the business exhibition.

It is reported that in just a few days of the Expo last year, the cumulative turnover of participants’ spending intentions reached US$57.83 billion. In the bilateral activities held during the first Expo, 98 cooperations were reached with relevant countries, of which 23 have been concluded, 47 have made positive progress, and others are progressing in an orderly manner. Compared with last year, the pavilion of this year's Expo is larger and has more participants.


Drinking Nongfu Spring water with VIPs from all over the world


This year, Nongfu Spring was once again selected as the designated water for the Expo, providing safe and clean water for one main forum, five parallel forums, and more than 300 meetings. This is the second time Nongfu Spring has entered the Expo. At this year's Expo, Nongfu Spring has three booths, which are located in the National Pavilion: 5.2H-C12, the Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion: 7.2A07-013, and the Science and Technology Life Quality Pavilion: 5.1A7-0. All three booths will provide natural water, beverages, NFC juice, etc. It is worth mentioning that, in the booth of the National Pavilion, Nongfu Spring is the only company.

In addition, Nongfu Spring can be seen at the booths of more than 3,000 exhibitors from more than 150 countries and regions, fully guaranteeing the daily drinking water needs of the participating staff.

This year, the theme is "Drink Nongfu Spring water with VIPs from all over the world".

For 23 years, Nongfu Spring has been dedicated to the water of the highest quality. Nongfu Spring has always adhered to the "natural and healthy" concept. It never uses urban tap water and never adds any artificial minerals. It insists on building factories adjacent to water sources and bottle-filling at the water sources to ensure product quality. Nongfu Spring has been selected as the designated water for the Expo for two years running due to its natural purity, advanced production technology, natural mineral elements that are beneficial to human health and beautiful packaging design. In addition, Nongfu Spring was also selected as the official designated water for the G20 Hangzhou Summit, 2017, “Belt and Road”International Cooperation Summit Forum and 2017 BRICS Xiamen Meeting Index.

Nongfu Spring hopes to use its world-leading products to break down the boundaries between countries, as well as provide the highest-quality water for international conferences.


Facing the World and showing the Power of Chinese Brands


During the Expo, a small ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization, involving five major categories and hundreds of supporting activities will be held. The Hongqiao International Economic Forum will focus on the theme of " innovation and win-win cooperation" to promote global cooperation for mutual benefit. The Expo is not only a platform for global companies to enter China but also an important opportunity for Chinese companies to connect with foreign counterparts. During the exhibition, the Expo provided an important docking platform for trading groups, Chinese and foreign enterprises, buyers and exhibitors, and it became an important platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to display new products, new technologies and the latest research results to the world.

At the opening ceremony, French President Macron stated in his speech that China's opening up is of great significance to the world. China has demonstrated that it will continue to implement its openness policy and President Macron said that China has achieved world-renowned achievements in reform during the past 40 years. President Macron said that China is both a beneficiary and a shaper of globalization. 

 As a well-known brand of drinking water in China, Nongfu Spring has maintained an independent R&D model, while actively connecting with overseas markets. Since 1999, nearly 2 billion yuan has been invested in research and development at Xiamen University in a cooperative venture, as an example. In its selection of raw materials, Nongfu Spring sources high-quality raw materials from all over the world, including Brazil, Italy, Belgium, and other places, combining the most advanced production technology to produce high-quality products. It combines natural materials with cutting-edge technology to achieve the natural beauty for which it is known. Over the years, Nongfu Spring has rapidly developed into one of the leading beverage production enterprises in China, with its strategic water source layout, unique product positioning, internationally leading production equipment, perfect quality standard system and operation management system. The Expo also gave Nongfu Spring a broader opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges with foreign companies.

On the first day of the opening of the second Expo, Nongfu Spring has held talks with companies in countries related to the“Belt and Road”initiative,such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The next step is to accelerate the pace of “going global”. Zhong Xiaoxiao, vice president of Nongfu Spring said in an interview with the media: "Foreign businessmen entering China give us more resources and opportunities to 'go out'." The Expo is not only a platform for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market but also an opportunity for Chinese companies to embrace the world.

 Some people say that the Expo is a window to the world. Chinese people can see the world and foreigners can see China. Nongfu Spring is also determined to let the world feel the power of Chinese brands. As a leader of Chinese enterprises, Nongfu Spring starts from nature, moves towards Shanghai, then towards the Pacific Ocean, connects with the world, and uses its products to convey the image and power of Chinese brands to the world.



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